20 May

A while ago, I wrote “PCP peacebones rapping rhythms ‘neath your parchment paper skin” and liked it alot. Now it is running laps through my brain to fairy-tale music and I am not sure if I want to get it out of there or not.
Went and watched the soccer championships today, we won, that is marvellous. Also got a load off my chest, I am pretty unburdened at the moment which is great. I am surprised at how kind people can be sometimes. I…
Meh, let’s just say that if I were in her shoes I’d have probably dealt with it differently, but hopefully with the amount of kindness she is showing me now.

Burnt Ta Det Lungt yesterday, I have only listened to the whole thing twice, and I’m realizing how nicely it fits together. There are a lot of good mix-ending songs in it; every time I hear one I think the CD’s going to be over, but NO! It is a bit of a mindfuck.

Oh also, SAT scores came out, I did very well (2030) and so do not have to worry about having my parents disappointed at me.
I don’t want to do my math homework.
It is sitting in front of me just DARING me to walk away and eat, or wash my hands, or something. Ugh. I am not even energetic to deal with this. Fuck it, I’m going to do it. Rational equations, I hate you.

And Magdelene, you are really a benevolent person, please don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Will write later.

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