o, valencia

19 May

Today was fine, though excruciatingly hot and humid. I want to leave this island and escape to somewhere with a more temperate climate.
But: Tomorrow! The soccer finals are tomorrow, and for once in my life I am going to go see them. I will cheer loudly. If I was awesome enough to own pom-poms, I would bring them and shake them around whilst still cheering loudly.
Angstwise: I am a little confused with myself. Okay. So. Someone may or may not be angry at me, I cannot tell even though they said they are neither pleased nor pissed. This makes me uneasy, thusly I am keeping out of this person’s way until I can formulate a kind of plan- but that will probably never happen. Well, this person is suddenly showing up everywhere I am, making it bloody difficult to stay away from them, leading to me trying not to acknowledge them and kind of failing due to… Well, due to things. The more vague the better, I guess. I do not want any more people asking me (however nicely) to stop writing about them.
So I am still stuck respecting this someone but at the same time trying to stay as far out of their life as possible. It is really hard when you have similar interests. I wish I had not pissed this person off (or whatever, I do not know their current attitude towards me) ‘cos it would’ve been a helluva lot easier to be amicable with them.


If you have not listened to the English Beat, look them up this minute because they are frigging excellent and sound… sound very, very happy. They are 80’s proto-ska, a lot slower, a lot calmer, a lot more filled with actual meaningful stuff. Less horn stings, as well. “Mirror In The Bathroom” or “I Confess” are both excellent songs.

Nothin’ else atm- EXCEPT
I am suddenly a little afraid of the amount of views I’ve been getting. I hope I know who is reading this, if not hi there, I am sorry for thinking you are an Internet stalker-type thing.


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