your defenses seem wise

17 May

; I cannot press…

Today was straddling the boundary between awesome and average. I am super excited for all sorts of wonderful things to begin, but these will not actually begin until 1.) I bring in my community service card, signed by about five people who I need to track down and get to sign it for me; and 2.) I write the monstrous Gatsby Lit essay that is worth a godawful amount of points. And redo three labs. And do a French project. And OH HELL THESE NEXT WEEKS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME.


I am not panicking, though. This is what happens nearly every year, albeit on a much grander scale, so I should be able to work it all out if I do it piece by piece. Of course, that’s only what the rational side of my mind is saying, whereas my artistic side is currently curled up in a ball whimpering and clutching handfuls of soft things.
God, school. I am very glad it is nearly over. I am looking forward to not having to impress anyone (or even trying, for that matter), or having anyone around whose opinion I am afraid of. It will be interesting to be a senior, I think. Very interesting.

Read too much A Clockwork Orange today, I am nearly thinking in Nadsat and almost burst out speaking it in the middle of dinner. “How was your project?”
“Horrorshow, everyone clapped and all that cal. Mrs. K liked it, I viddied her writing some vesch that looked pretty good.”

Oh my dear pater ‘n’ em. I would greatly appreciate it if they left me alone a little more often.

Night. May write more after I garner some ideas.

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