why do we all go in flames?

16 May

The aftermath has descended upon me, I am fagged and shagged and tired out. Very glad I didn’t go to the afterparty, I’d still be asleep and feeling even worse due to probable accidental ingestion of alcohol.
Kind of waiting for all the pictures to be placed onto Facebook. There are some rather unflattering ones. Ones involving the Vegetable Game, which was the only thing my brain could conjure up last night whilst trying to stay concious.
Also just reread Jeph Jacques’ list of “Bands as People” and it makes me laugh every time because it is so damn fitting, but I want to write some anyway and here they are. I’ve written some in the past, too, but I think these are better because I’ve become more familiar with the bands.

Cold War Kids was that guy you met in a bar trying to sing along to Jimi Hendrix, but his voice cracked and he smiled when you giggled at it and took you home.

The Black Keys was tall, and loud, but he sometimes got this look in his eyes that spoke of days spent in old beaten-up trailers drinking cheap beer and smoking cheaper cigarettes.

Black Moth Super Rainbow was the sort of girl you feared taking home to your parents but was sweet and soft and totally strung out on PCP.

The Flaming Lips initially seemed like someone you would never be able to get along with, until suddenly you were in his bedroom and he was trying to explain something about the Eastern Cobra of the Sahara.

Damien Rice was a guy who you met at some party, but you poured your heart out to him and he did nothing but listen. And it was all you needed.

Sigur Rós was a waiter in a little café who spoke bad English when you met him, but now he is a CEO of a multi-national chain of restaurants that still smiles the same way when he sees you.


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