now our cereal, it is warm

15 May

Oh god, Prom. I got back from it less than 5 minutes ago, and am not going to the afterparty because frankly I am far too tired for that sort of nonsense.
Anyway, what happened? I gave hugs to a lot of people, promenaded with Ry-Bear, basically talked a lot, and played the Vegetable Game with Hannah and Tori and Genna and Marley and Krystal and Ryan. I think I love the Vegetable Game. Also gagged from sheer amounts of cute emenating from various couples. (You know who you are.)


I was glad, really glad, that certain people were not near me. I was glad I had no one to impress. I was ecstatic when I realized I did not have to keep up appearances, and thusly didn’t give a shit through the entire thing regarding what I looked like. It was liberating, it was fun, I may have turned a few heads but I wasn’t paying attention.

And now, thanks to an innocent comment, I am thinking of the Problem again, and how this Problem has been trying to open my skull for a while, and how if I do not solve this Problem in time I will lose something that I very much desire.


Will write more tomorrow, when I am alive.

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