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13 May

Okay, I feel like writing. Here:


Actually, screw that. As soon as I put those equal signs up there, my mind just went absolutely blank and refused to cooperate. Why does it do that when I figure I have ideas? It is frustrating and why I will probably never be able to write a book. Once I think of characters, they engulf my brain such that I cannot actually write anything about them, just entertain little possible scenes in my head that disappate as soon as I get near a writing utensil.

But Beirut is helping. It seems that whenever I listen to Zach Condon’s voice, my mind abruptly flicks a switch and changes routes.

Went to the band concert tonight, it was semi-decent but saturated with 70s rock covers which on the most part were pretty okay but some were downright laughable. I am sorry, Mr. D, but it is high time you left this godforsaken island, as I would have gladly tolchocked you in the stomach the day before I left. Aah, well. Another opportunity missed.

Not much else to write about, which basically means I don’t want to write about anything at the moment. Good night, y’all. Will write tomorrow.


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