like a monkey with miniature cymbals

12 May

First blog post written with Windows 7.

And by Jove, I want to punch this computer in the computer equivalent of a ballsack (oh god, now I’m going to get all sorts of creepy-ass search results because of that one sentence, people searching things like “small children doing XXX”, shit) because sure, it runs fine, but we do not have any of the plugins or cookies or anything installed, and my dear old pater has somehow formatted the old shindig so it will not let me download any of the plugins and make websites work.

I am a little fed up with things. (as you can tell.)

Well. As I wrote a while ago, Art History exam: OVAHHHHHH! You have no idea how happy this makes me. This is like, like…like uh, something wonderful. I am less a class for the rest of the yeeaarrr! I can write songs in Mrs. Grace’s room and try to make better friends with Wil and Will and Joshua so when we go to France it will not be nearly as awkward as it could be (although we are not taking any of the same classes, so probably will not be hanging out a lot together, ah well.)

ALSO: Prom! Very much excited for it. Bothered Jess about tablage, Sam and I are sitting with people we can talk to, yay. This will be fun!

ALSO ALSO: That comic I was talking about earlier?  HERE the art is delicious and smells a little bit like a knish (which I had, and maybe the one I got was just odd, but was not that good.) IT ACTUALLY GETS BETTER AS YOU GO, WHAT.

Will write later. Today is post-spammin’ day! WOO HOO FRICKIN’ HOOOOO


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