10 May

On a serious My Morning Jacket kick, it is driving me nearly insane. Jim James’ baritone just seems to worm its way into my ears and then sits there for hours, complacent and warm and FUCKING EH.
What did I do today? Not much, really, but I had a good day nonetheless. I pitched my senior project idea to a few people and got a general assent, which gives me a little hope.
Though I told my ideas to Ryan and he kind of nodded, then went “But you’ve never done video before. Why don’t you stick to your doodlebooks?”
“But I like film.”
He went on to suggest that I publish my books, either online or in physical form, and I’m thinking that may be a good idea, if I can find anyone who has a good scanner. There will be a lot of copywrite issues, though, as about 40-50% of the stuff in there is song lyrics that got stuck in my head and are just now coming out. Lots of disclaiming. Maybe I can get something done with Creative Commons.

Going to the pre-prom meeting tonight, apparently it is all about not doing drugs and/or having unprotected sexual encounters, both of which I have no intention to get into. My dad wants to go, though, so I am appeasing his wishes as a daughter.

Art History exam in 2 days.

Will write more later.

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