you’ve applied the pressure

9 May

I would like to meet the members of the xx and perhaps take them out for dinner at a nice Thai restaurant. They are people I would like to talk to, maybe after I’ve taken a few chill pills and am not around anyone whose opinion I think matters.
Happy Mother’s Day, by the way. Hug your momma for me, okay?
Well. Drew some today, found a new EXCELLENT webcomic that will be placed on the actual page once I can wrangle the newly “upgraded” computer to actually work for me. It is called Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name and the art is positively drool-worthy- and not in that there are naked people wandering around (everyone is clothed, no worries), but the style of it is angular and elongated and just !!! I wish I could draw like it. I can emulate the style pretty okay, but I have not nearly the amount of practice that the artist must have. I will post the link as soon as possible.
Listening to the Pixies. I’ve been on a My Morning Jacket music binge for most of the day, suprisingly a lot of the stuff off of Okonokos is good background drawing music. Especially Dondante. I love that song. All 10 minutes of it.
Actually, I brought up the Pixies for a reason: A few months ago, Jorge and I were over at Adara’s helping her clean her room. (She needed the help, okay?) I was fixing up her CD collection and found Surfer Rosa. So I asked:
“Can we put this on?”
The CD went on without comment until it got to Vamos, which (in case you’re unfamiliar) begins with Frank Black yelling seemingly-random Spanish that ends with “NEW JERSEY!”
And Jorge, who speaks Spanish nigh-fluently, goes (as best my memory can remember) “This is a record of the time I spent before we left poor New Jersey.” Or something like that.
My jaw hits the floor. “Th-that’s what he’s saying?”
“Yeah, why?”
“I’d always thought it was just Mexican nonsense and then New Jersey.”
“…” and then an awkward Jorge laugh, which I cannot really write down, but it’s kind of a hesitant “hee hee hee.”
Even now my mind is still a little blown.

This week: AP test! Prom! Awwww HELL no!

Not much else to write about, I’ll bid y’all adieu.

(also, heart has been stuck together with duct tape, will heal in a few weeks. Good news!)

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