that i consider my only art

6 May

For some reason the typing part of my brain is suffering difficulties, sorry in advance for any typos I don’t catch.
Well, today was as good as today could’ve been. I still am very excited for the next coupla weeks (AP tests! Prom! After-Prom! Orange and White day!) but I am really focusing on getting through tomorrow without dying or exploding or what have you. So far I’ve been pretty good about not causing myself traumatic bodily harm whilst at school. Mental harm? Yes. Physical? I’ve come close thanks to Lil and my other abusive friends. Durr hurr.
In case you are wondering when I’m going to get to the “juicy stuff”, ie my personal life (or lack of one), not going to write about that for a while. There have been complaints, and also quite frankly I have nothing worthwhile to write about on the subject. Just sayin’. Coupla things have changed.
Also, if you listen to Fireworks by Animal Collective, be prepared to have it stuck in your head for weeks.
Will write later.
And now, the semi-mandatory picture:


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