and the universe is shaped

6 May

just exactly like the earth…

Actually, not the song I have stuck in my head. I hate not knowing any of the lyrics to Animal Collective songs, because consarn it, they are really, really messed up though lovely nonetheless.

In other news, Ryan finally gave me back my copy of A Clockwork Orange, I have read through it about five times and am currently basking in the nostalgia. Still probably one of my absolute favourite books, not so much for the message as for the utter weirdness of the language. I don’t think many other people could honestly get away with writing an entire book using works like “‘grozny” or “nagoy” or “rooker.” Takes a pair to do that and actually publish it.

Currently writing in Advisory, I am so freaking happy that the end of the week is approaching. Tomorrow is going to be positively marvellous, mainly because it is Day 4 and I don’t have math class but I do have Think Tank, which was supposed to be a senior-only course that they decided to let Will and I into. So happy!

I don’t know if my dad’s fixed the computer yet (or un-fixed it, it depends on your viewpoint towards yesterday’s impassioned outburst), so I am unable to draw anything to post online for a while. Which sucks, mainly because I draw a fucking lot and I like to show people what I’ve done. Meh.

Not much else to say. Will write more in a few.


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