that i’ve kept closest

5 May

First off: I hate, hate, hate Windows.
Second off: My dad thinks it is a great OS to use, since apparently it’s “stable” and “compatable” and “easy-to-use.” My reaction? A resounding cry of “BULLLLLSSHHHIIIIITTT.”
Which is why I am so put off by him deciding to upgrade to Windows 7.
I really, really dislike Windows 7. Genna has it on her laptop and just moving the mouse makes me frustrated. Adding to the stylistic complaints, though, is the hell I have to go throgh ever single fucking time my dad messes with the OS. He is going to do something obfuscatingly stupid like lose all my music files, or lose my $60 very high quality (cheap, I know!) drawing program. I am going to be so pissed if any of that happens. Plus, I don’t even know if Windows 7 supports that program.
That’s the basic point of all I was saying.
Anyway! This week is actually looking up, it may not be a week of Fridays after all. Thank God! I still have to buy a Prom ticket and beg my mother to let me wear one of her dresses (my mother has a much more extansive wardrobe than I do, mainly because she enjoys retail therapy whereas I do not. She doesn’t understand why I’m not enchanted with the idea of buying lots of clothes.) which would be excellent.
I downloaded a few Animal Collective songs last night, how wonderful are they? Too wonderful. “Fireworks” makes me want to go parading through a field with my friends.

Will write more later, mofos.

(here is a picture of questionable moral integrity)


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