summertime clothes

4 May

This week is going to be just a long string of Fridays.
I hate weeks like this. Tonight the effect was so strong that I messed around on my guitar for a full hour and a half before realizing I actually had homework to do. Oh! Well!
Yeah, not exactly the happiest pea in the pod at the moment. My parents are suddenly putting a bunch of pressure on me to get a job, but I know nowhere that is hiring, and nowhere that will help me do what I want to do. I suppose if there was a record store on island I’d be all over that like white on rice, but so would about sixty guys from my class who would steal the job from me. Damn me and my big mouth. I knew who Death Cab was in seventh grade! I listened to The Smiths with my dad when I was but a babe! And then these dudes come along and suddenly I am left in the musical dust. I was first, though! I knew Spoon and The Pixies! I knew!
Unfortunately nowadays I am far behind with the times. Well, kind of.

Learned how to play Third Planet, finally, now I can get those riffs out of my head. I am so sick and tired of hearing Cam and Will and Josh and Jacob and every other fucking Modest Mouse fan play that song. And now I can tune it out. Lovely!

Will write more probably tomorrow if not later today. Um, also, a picture of something that made me giggle:


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