and through the fire from his fingers

3 May

Things are looking up, I guess. (Thanks, Lillian.) From now on, I’m rereading my posts before I post them so as to keep persons unoffended and to catch any mistakes. I should have been doing that from the beginning, but I can be pretty fucking stupid and naïve and arrogant.
Dammit, this is already turning into a self-hate post, I need to find another topic-
Today sucked. Tomorrow will suck. This week is just going to be a week of suckage, both because of the impending AP exams and Prom preparations, and the huge English project we’ve been assigned. I think I’m going to write a song about the Great Gatsby, it should turn out okay if I can actually pull it off. I am not good at writing songs, they come out stilted and odd. Much like how I speak. Funny, that.

What else? I learned how to play An Eluduarian Instance, but since I do not sing in front of other people most of the time, it (like many of the songs I know) sounds pretty boring. Meh.

Oh, also. Quite a few posts have been made private, as well as edited, in case you’re wondering why this whole blog was private for a while today. I was going to keep it that way, but I like the idea of writing for an audience (no matter how small). Makes my existence feel validated, I guess. Sad, but true.

Also, I

would like to apologise to all the people I’ve written about. If I have hurt your feelings or offended you in any way, shape, or form, please tell me so I may ameliorate (or try to) that. I am realizing that maybe writing this blog was not so much of a good idea, as it has cost me a few friends, a lot of respect, and a lot of trustworthiness.
Bear with me.

Will write more once I edit all the stuff I missed.

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