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2 May

First off, there is a reason why I do not enjoy spending long hours in the sun. I do not tan well: I can withstand about an hour’s worth of indirect sunlight before starting to get red and sunburny.
And though I have tried to stay in the shade as much as possible today, it was no use: my nose is red, my cheeks are red, my chin is red. Not too bad, though, as I had the foresight to put on some sunscreen before the sun came out in full force. Yay!
I’m sure those of you who have never been to St. Croix are wondering why in the hell I’m choosing to write a blog post about being sunburned, so let me enlighten you. Every year on the first Sunday in May, our island hosts the 70.3 Half-Ironman triathalon and the accompanying sprint. All the roads used are blocked off from about 7 am until 4, there are hundreds of volunteers (me included) milling about near the transition areas helping people, there are rest stops strewn throughout the route. It is a grueling race. The main attraction of it (if you’re a hardcore triathlete) is the hill affectionately known as the Beast. It is about a mile to bike up, with many hairpin turns and extremely steep grades. They have them spraypainted on the side of the road, so as you’re biking you can curse the bright orange percentages.
People come from all over the world to run this race. Usually, there are quite a few people from South America and Canada, but we also get some unique personalities to come here too.
It’s also how the majority of students at my school get the required community service hours, which explains why I was out in the sun (being sunburned) from 6 to 3. Uuugh. I feel like a warm blob, which I guess isn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.
Not much else to write about today, besides my slow recovery. Will attempt to add to this post later on.

Je suis une voleure avec une cœur d’or. På mellanslag!


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