one change into another

1 May

SATs: done! Super happy about that, I think I did pretty darned well despite not having done any prep for it. That is how things go if you’re me- prepless and fancy-free!

I kid, I kid.

Well. Besides wasting five hours filling in circle upon circle, I did stuff today; namely, I went over to Hannah’s house to eat some pancakes (delicious) then went to Haypenny and frolicked about in the sand ‘n’ waves and ennui. A pretty okay day.

Also, downloaded a few Modest Mouse songs, both of which are magnificent. I’m going to get Nikhil or Will or Jacob to burn me one of their albums sooner or later, in particular the one with a grey cover whose title I can’t remember.
You get the point.
I downloaded some more Cold Cave too, but good golly gosh does it suck. I think I might have gotten the wrong files (I was using an online free site, not sure how credible it was), so I’ll search their songs on Youtube and see if there are any more decent ones. Life Magazine is very excellent; it would be a pity if that was their only excellent song.

Tomorrow: working at the triatholon. Woo? Woo!
I’ll try to write while I’m there- if not, I’ll write it up when I get home.

Troubling thoughts about Taschen, suddenly. I am trying not to do what I’ve done before.


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