from the sue

1 May

So! Senior Prank Day happened, none of them are here which makes my math teacher very very happy. They tied up two goats outside the buildings, which made me laugh for a good ten seconds, and filled some rooms with balloons. BUT the greatest thing happened this morning, completely unexpectedly-

My advisory has Snack Shack today, and we’re doing nachos at lunch. So we had to open up the shack to bring all the nacholiscious ingredients in, and what do we find?
A layer of balloons knee-deep covering everything.
We spent about ten minutes throwing balloons around screaming and laughing and gasping when one popped (with a noise like a gunshot) until we finally had to pop them all. Which was extraordinarily fun.

Also, whoever put the condoms on the drinks in the machine, I would like to give you a highfive. Brilliant! I bought one just for the novelty.

Not much else to write about. Will write later.


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