like apples in the ground

30 Apr

We’re going to melt away.

Tomorrow is the day that most of the junior class has been dreading: SAT day. Oh, lordy. I have my #2 pencils all nicely sharpened on my dresser, sitting proudly atop my calculator. I am not that worried. I am not really worried at all, come to think of it. It is just another test, just another chance to see what exactly I know. (And I, apparently, know a lot.)
But I’m glad this week finally ended- it was long, and humid, and absolutely unbearable.
But I’ve written that all before, so there is pretty much no change in the current situation, besides that I earned some brownie points. Woo! I am pointeriffic.

My room smells like an opium den at the moment, as I burned some incense earlier and the scent hasn’t diffused out of here. I’m not complaining, though, as somehow it is very comforting and quiet. I need to fix some of the drawings on the wall, though.

Anyway. Been listening to Ambling Alp a lot more often, it is going on the Rec. Listening page along with Life Magazine as soon as I can edit it. Till then, keep those songs in mind.

Will write tomorrow, though not about SAT questions as the higher-ups will have my hide.

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