into the midst of

27 Apr

I hate to be so blunt, m’boy, but you have the insanity… of a MANATEE!

The above is a quote from some TV show I don’t watch, but it was on the TVTropes Large Ham page and made me giggle a little. How exactly does one procure the insanity of a manatee? It escapes me.
Anyway, what did I do today? Got my arm coloured by Ryan, which was a pain in the ass to wash off (you’re next, buddyboy), daydreamed through most of my classes, talked about limo-ing to Prom (with Lil and Wil and Kathleen and Ryan and Sam), argued with Jamesey a little for te sake of arguing, cursed Will for having gone to a Spoon concert. (Though mark my words, one day he is going to get really into Dungen or Black Moth Super Rainbow and I’ll have seen them. Haha! My future self is rubbing her hands together evilly!)
Overall, a normal day. Woo!
What I kind of wanted to write about was Vonnegut’s idea of the four-dimentional aliens from Slaughterhouse Five, the…oh, bugger it, can’t remember at the moment. In any case, they were basically hands with eyes in the palm, and spoke telepathically. They saw everything as a series of moments, like looking at an entire mountain range rather than just one peak. They didn’t really “die,” and they knew exactly when they would do so. The thing that really intrigued me, though, was the way they saw humans- like giant millipedes, baby feet on one end and old person feet at the other. They saw all our states of being.
And that got me to thinking- I’d like to see like that. It’d almost be like immortality, ‘cos you’d always be able to look back and see those moments you’d been part of before.
Memory is a pretty wonderful thing.

That’s my two cents.

Will write more later.

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