26 Apr

Cannot think of a good enough title, so there you go.
Anyway, today was pretty dang marvellous, besides, you know, the two tests I had to take. But that’s part of the loveliness of junior year!
Oh, sarcasm.

Oh! Oh! Also! I have a date for Prom! I am taking Sam, who is only going willingly because of Kyle (who was the perpetrator of the thirty-odd views I got yesterday that freaked me the hell out). But still! Date! Woo!
I think I’ve overdosed on exclamation points for today, but before I go lemme say:
If you ever have a terrible sore throat, cut a lemon into slices, boil some water, and put some honey in the bottom of your favourite mug. Pour the boiling water in, then float a slice of lemon on top, and let it steep for a good ten-fifteen minutes. Stir it, then drink it. It is lovely. You can also add rum, but I like it better without. (Plus, not really supposed to have rum.)
Will write more tomorrow.

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