crystal ball, crystal ball

25 Apr

Good day today, went to the beach, baked brownies, studied a little Chem, etc. etc. I am pretty psyched for these next few weeks as they will be MAGNIFICENT and WONDERFUL and will smell like CHOCOLATE ROSES or something. I need better adjectives.
Sort of worried, though, about the sudden influx of unidentified views. I am a little afraid about having a potential stalker…eeeeee.
But that’s alright, I am safe here lying in bed thinking about changing into my pyjamas. I get my room back tomorrow! Hurray and huzzah! Also, I have two tests and College Prep tomorrow, which bugs me a lot, actually. I hate Day 1. I really do.
Oh, what else, what else? Um, I finally read Slaughterhouse 5 and it was positively excellent.
Will write more later.


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