they answered yes and no

24 Apr

…oh well oh well yes and no.
Ah, of Montreal. You keep me sane and in relative charge of my fine motor skills.
Reason I’m writing so late tonight is ‘cos I just got home from seeing the school’s spring musical, Yesterday’s Dreamers, Tomorrow’s Stars. Or, how they wrote it on a couple posters on some columns: Ÿesterday’s Ðreamers, Tomorrow’s Štars. I do not think they know what those diacritical marks mean, but neither do I so I may be wrong in saying that it looks absolutely idiotic, like some fifth grader discovering how to add special characters in Word or whatever. The posters have been up for about three weeks, and every time I go into the Pavilion I cringe a little bit because of those stupid diacritics. That is not how they should be used! That looks stupid!
The play is four fucking hours long. FOUR HOURS. FOR A SCHOOL PLAY. AUUUUGH.
The whole gimmick of the thing, though, is that it’s an original play written by this New Yorker, Timothy Graphenreed, and it might actually get put on Broadway. Maybe.
Well, it was…okay, and I’m glad I saw it, and I will never speak of it to any theater buff ever in my life. It was cheesy and clichèd and full of stupid statement songs, and worked out to a happy ending as per the usual musical creed.
We watched the entire thing from up where the spotlight crew usually works, and had an excellent view of everyone’s shoes. You don’t normally notice the shoes when someone’s singing, but some of the ones people were wearing were intense. I yelled “Duttyyy!” about six hundred times and Lillian slapped me for it. Genna and her suddenly-presentable manfriend sat next to us looking sickeningly adorable. I think if Wil and Lil were cuddling as well, I would’ve died from sugar overdose. Those couples! They need to get their sweetness factor mellowed out!
Of course, this means that when I get a boyfriend I am not going to miss a chance to be embarrassingly adorable around him with my friends watching. Ahahah! Revenge!
So I will stop writing about that and instead go to sleep, because it is late and I am tired.
Goodnight. Will write more in the morning.

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