golden splatter

23 Apr

Been listening to Black Moth Super Rainbow for the better part of two days, is something wrong with me? I’ll never know.
Well, besides od-ing on psychadelica, I went to the beach today and slept in the shade for four hours. It was lovely and I highly recommend that everyone alive do the same. Worth waking up every so often and asking yourself “where the fuck am I?”
Which I did a couple times. Still worth it.
Anyway, what else? Nothing really. Was going to go to the play today, decided against it so I’m going tomorrow. I am pretty sure that someone who knows me and talks to me has to be doing something tomorrow, the problem is finding that hypothetical person and asking them what is up. But meh, I am pretty content sitting at home playing guitar.
Going to buy the Rökurró debut album tomorrow if I get the chance, as I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to find it in France. Damned obscure icelandic bands! Hopefully they’ll have it on either Amazon or eBay.
Also going to make a list of people I am required to meet in my lifetime. A few are already crossed off, I might post it as another page once I delete the ‘m’art’ one. Nothing is of use there. Might delete the “cast of characters” one as well, but I’ll find somewhere to put the pictures ‘cos I worked pretty hard on those, dang it! Especially the girls! I hate drawing us womenfolk, the hair is too hard.
Meh, still sick.
Oh! Oh! Oh! I was messing about on the Failblog page when I came across some fashion fail blog (same network of blogs) and they had this lovely picture smacked right there. Which is at the bottom of this post.
According to this guy’s website (circa 1996),, he thinks he’s a pixie on the inside.
And dresses up like that.


Will write more when my brain grasps this nonsense.


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