it melts the snow that fell yesterday

18 Apr

You know what’s difficult? Trying to type while your dog’s licking your fingers and wagging its tail in your face. Luckily Cassie just jumped off my bed, so I’m not plagued with that problem anymore and can
Still sick. My head feels like a squashed grape. I am not looking forward to trying to do logarithmic functions with a headache. Bluuuhhh.
Well, sickness aside, probably going to download some songs I’ve found. I am kind of trying to find a band that neither Wil nor Jacob have heard of. I think I might be able to do it. I used to have one (Rökkurró), but I don’t know enough of their songs for it to really qualify. Also, people know about it.
Doesn’t really matter, I guess, but I want to be able to give them new music. When I try to maybe recommend something, it always turns out that they’ve heard of them before.
Well, I did introduce Wil to Spoon, I don’t know about Jacob. Go me!

Will write more later re: awesomeness.

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