you’ve seen it all before

17 Apr

Y’ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach like it’s falling out of you? You get cold and clammy and suddenly your mind is racing, wondering why, why. Well, that was how I felt exactly a minute (give or take) ago, clicking through my account and suddenly realizing (noes!) that [DATA REDACTED.]

Anyway, on a different note (and no, I’m not elaborating on the above), everything is pretty marvellous. Wasn’t able to write a post last night ‘cos the Internet was having temper tantrums, but I did get my hair cut and it does look pretty fabulous. I mean, fabulous according to my parents, which I guess means “short enough that my eyebrows can be seen through my bangs and there is no punkiness” which I’m fine with.

Guah listening to My Morning Jacket, cannot deal with One Big Holiday and trying to type a coherent post at the same time. Gonna have to take a breather until it ends.

Updated the Listening page, check it out, and also will update various other things in the next few hours (probably.)

Will write more later.


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