on the ocean floor

16 Apr

Sick as a dog.
I think it’s the flu, because aside from a pretty bad throatache my bones are also screaming at me not to move. Specially my jaw- I think I’m going to stay in bed and eat soft things tomorrow if I don’t feel any better. Dang! I hate being sick.
Also, and what I find kind of scary, I keep on feeling really dizzy and almost as if I’m going to faint. I really hope I don’t, as 1) that would terrify anyone near me; 2) I am far too heavy to lug around comfortably; and 3) that would really hurt once I came to. I’ve never passed out before, I would think that it isn’t a very nice experience.
Anyway, besides the above grieviances not much else is going on- the Internet seems to hate me and is randomly turning on and off (gaaaah), so I don’t have much else to do but sit in my bed and read/write. Fun!

Will write more tomorrow re: health/awesomeness/maybe Taschen.

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