for the promise of

16 Apr

Friday, about time. I am tired and beaten to a pulp and I have nearly exploded about eight times from both exhaustion and sheer insanity.
Plus, I feel all wiggly at the moment, which isn’t really helping my sanity. It’s reached new lows, I’m telling you.
I’m waiting for my mom to come and pick me up so I can finally get my hair cut. My parents are strange in that they are fine wih my hair until it gets to a certain length, approx. 1 inch below my eyebrows, then they proceed to raise a stink about my bangs and how “unnattractive” and “unpolished” they are. I don’t see why they should care, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it’s because I don’t have a boyfriend yet. Way to send good values, parents!
Gah that bugs me.

Also wanted to make a few statements: the stuff I post is the absolute first draft of what I’ve written. I have not edited or read over it after I write it, which iswhy there are sometimes discrepancies and stilted-sounding sentences. I do, however, read it over later on, so everything will be fixed. Eventually.

Will wrtte more later.


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