thought i was laying in the gutter

14 Apr

Got back from five hours of unexpected babysitting and am now totally drained. I want to die. I have not eaten anything since lunch, and even then all I had were some pretzels or something, I don’t remember.
If I start losing a bunch of weight it’s because I’ve forgotten about eating, not because I’m suffering from some
eating disorder.
What happened today? Not a lot, to be frank. I lamented not going to Bonnaroo whilst trying to convince Wil and Adara to go to the huge Pitchfork thing in Chicago, unfortunately Wil and I’ll be in Paris. Maybe Adara can hit that hacienda up. Goooo!
Also, I am much more firmly planted in my belief that Yo Gabba Gabba is the best kid’s show EVER.
What else?
Probably going to make a ton of stickers in the next few days, will take pictures and make detailed descriptions or something.
I also need to update the “M’art” page, because most of the stuff on it is not that good. It will be done! (Perhaps.)

well, finally eating dinner, so will write more later.

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