12 Apr

Firstly: Sorry, everyone, for the mess-ups in regards to facts and whatnot. The errors have been fixed.

Secondly: I GOT MY TSHIRTS! I am wearing one right now and I feel like an android of awesome. I also want to sleep. But that can wait BECAUSE
It has come to my attention that I really, really need to revamp the Recommended Listening page, as there is quite a bit missing from it. There is also a lot of stuff on there that I’m not really fond of anymore. It will be fixed as soon as I can figure out how to fix it and what new things will be added.
Thirdly: Made a list of extra things (besides food, clothes, money, personal affects) to bring to France, I am taking my origami speakers because I want to write and look out the balcony whilst listening to, say, Alvin Band. I am super excited right now.
This summer is gonna be interesting.

Thinking of sticker ideas to draw up once I’m feeling a little more motivated. Nothing’s really sticking out for me.

Will write more laterrrr! I.e. in a few minutes.


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