what melody could lead my lover

10 Apr

Home, yay.
But my school principal is sitting in my livingroom playing a card game and singing horribly with my parents and two other couples.
Let it be known that I am disgusted. I do not want him in my space. I do not want him within six miles of my space, but I guess since I’m more than a little powerless about that I’ll settle for having my room as my sanctuary.
Thought about what I wrote earlier, I think I can painlessly get through this, if it is only one-sided. In the very (very!) slight chance that my feelings are reciprocated, then hell, I’ve no idea what I’ll do. It’ll be interesting.
Gah so tired. I just realized I’ve been up for 18 hours, and not 18 hours sitting in bed and thinking about stuff, but getting up and doing active things and feeling pretty energetic. At least until I finally got to lie down.
Also: I am pretty sure I have memorized all the lyrics to I Will Survive, even though I have never really listened to the song all the way through. Hm! It’s probably because of the Cake version.
Going to buy the Local Natives debut album.
Also going to sleep.

(yo soy una extraña en este lugar sin ti. )


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