and if i can’t feel with my sun hands

10 Apr

Currently sitting at the Country Day fashion show, most of which has been spent sitting awkwardly across from people acting like I am not itching to leave.
But it’s pretty entertaining, truth be told.
For some reason, still thinking about:
a) France;
b) How in the hell I’m going to do the pair of obituary poems, the essay, and a lab tomorrow while finding time to go to the awesome tie-dye party. Hum!
c) Taschen. It needs no elaboration.

Okay, maybe a little.
Frankly, I am scared about what it is exactly that I’m feeling-and if I act on that, will I or will I not mess up any chance of friendship I had.
Though damn.
I’ll find a way through this, I’m sure, but time is ticking and I might be out of it soon.
So afraid.


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