under the sky-eye

26 Mar

So much sensory overload! I am properly relaxed and wishing I was a hippoptamus or something vaguely similar.
Opened my mind today, picked out some stuff but only found the two conflicts I’m keeping tabs on and a handful of chemistry notes.
The conflict is between Amnesiac and Alphabet (lazy code names, meh) and sort of peripherally involves me, but not in a super major role. Not going to delve into any more detail with that, since I don’t know too much about it and I am crazy worried I will make it too obvious and mess up the whole shindig. So we’ll leave it at that, at least until I get my shit together.
Anyway. Going to bed, maybe will do exciting things in the morning, probably not. Meh.
Also: no famous people. Dang. Þú!


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