målerås finest

26 Mar

Listening to 4 again, going to add it to the Recommended Listening page once I get home. It is pretty lovely music, unobtrusive and lilting but with the stubborn drumbeat always in the background. I think I could do a roadtrip to this album, tripping off peyote and seeing manticores off in the distance beckoning to me with their scorpion tails.
In the future, perhaps.
Today: woke up, fell back asleep, woke up again, finally decided to get out of bed, half-assedly did the crossword in USA Today, took a shower, got dressed, ate some strawberries, listened to a little Beirut, got a little tired of Zach Condon, wandered into the living room and put on 4, then started writing.
Woo, my day is packed so far.
Thinking about going down to the arcade, but as I only have a few dollars (which’ll buy me all of 2 games) kinda nixing that idea.
Disney’s fun and all, but the crowds and the materialism kinda get to me after a while. I’m probably not going to go to any parks today, even though I haven’t been to Magic Kingdom yet and kind of want to go on Space Mountain (my favourite ride ever). Bleh. I am unable to make proper decisions.
Going to pick up the XX if I can get to a CD store in the days I have left. Also probably going to get Transference, if I have enough money on me. Maybe.

Going down to the arcade. Will write more once things are not just speculated about.


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