first time high

26 Mar

Well: did Tower of Terror and that Aerosmith rollercoaster that flips you upside down a few times today. Without puking. Go me! Younger me would be proud.
In any case, I had a pretty great day. Currently sitting in my room reading House of Leaves (again) and listening to Sufjan at the moment, though I’m more in an of Montreal mood. Meh, I’ll swap soon.

Also, it is really cold outside at the moment, my face is all flushed because of it. Warming up, though. Slowly warming up.

Gained karma by doing a random act of kindness, too: gave some fastpasses to a few guys standing around the entrance of the Tower. They were pleasantly surprised.

No headway as to what I’m going to do back home, at least not yet. Kind of thinking about abandoning the whole deal, but some little part of my mind (conciousness? Id?) digs its heels in and won’t let me go on. I guess I’ll wait it out. We’ll see how things change.


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