and it’s a choice

26 Mar

Hoooooly shit.
This hotel room is probably one of the nicest I’ve been in thus far: we have giraffes and wildebeests and warthogs caroming outside.
And there is a jacuzzi.
Listening to My Morning Jacket at the moment and feeling a little sublime. A little more than sublime, actually.
The reverb! God, so beautiful.

Spent all of earlier today at Epcot walking around. Went on Test Track and Mission Space and that other ride uh can’t remember because Jim James is making me reel a little bit, in a good way.
Read much too much House of Leaves today, I can see Johnny Truant in my writing and it is a little weensy bit more than bizzare.
Actually I think I’m sitting in the Simba room, so I guess I’m a lion for the moment.

Aside from all that, I think I can put aside my derision for the human race for a moment and just go with the masses. Bothers me, though. I don’t understand how these people can lead such shallow lives- it’s just mass-marketed culture. Cookie-cutter nonsense.
But I’ll put up with it for a week, I guess.

Still coughing a little. It sucks. In fact, it sucks balls.
Gross euphemism, but there ya go.

Will attempt to write more later, if I can find some wireless internet to post all the posts I’ve written.

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