riffs and variations on a single note

17 Mar

I should start taking more pictures.

Not as a stylistic thing: I’ve seen a million other blogs where every single post must have at least two pictures (and maybe would do so myself, but I am lazy and cannot be bothered to), and it kind of bugs me. I am merely thinking that perhaps, if I am blogging in a strange locale, I ought to take a picture of where I am typing.

For instance, right now.

I’m typing this in the Avis office, which is this huge white-walled room filled with desks and sad abandoned iMacs, you know, the old colourful ones that kind of looked like curvy organic TVs. They were in vogue a few years ago, I know. I kind of want to see if they’ll sell me one, but my better judgement is saying no. Ah well.

I’m sitting across from the main editor’s office, he is (presumably) editing, he has both ears pierced and I am pretty sure he is awesome. He also has a big window looking into the rest of the space, whether to keep an eye on the rest of us or not I don’t know. Seems a little weird.

The computer I’m typing this on is a PC monitor connected to one of those tiny Mac hard drives… at least I think it’s a hard drive, but it is small and has a CD port thing and I kind of half expect a small furry thing to leap out and attack my face. What? I can dream!

So in lieu of my picture, imagine all that in your head. With me, sitting in front of said computer. I have my owl necklace on, I feel invincible. I kind of wish I was super-heroing out right now. That would be neat, I suppose.

Moving on! What did I do today?

I helped one of the venerable reporters here write an article, then went into Christiansted in order to find a restaurant that was selling corned beef and cabbage. There were none. I heard Hannah on the radio with that lady on 99.5 who sounds like she’s trying to be ghettotastic but is such an obvious poser. Good job, fellow Canadian! Bonne chance!

Haven’t seen/heard anyone else re. Mini Gusto, but I’m assuming it’s all going pretty well.

I’ve warmed up to mine, at least.

SO. After searching through Christiansted, we hit up Cheeseburgers’ (nope) and Deep End (nope) and finally went down to that deli by the Reef (which is called Good Spirits, fyi) and found some Irish deliciosity. SWEET

Took pictures, ate lunch, came back, going to an art farm.
(which never happened. Sorry for lack of bloggation, but father is angry and yelling so will post this and then run far, far away.)


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