reversed memories

11 Mar

It is strange, looking back, what I’ve learned from other people over the years. I would sometimes like to call myself a misanthrope, but I know that I live for others’ sake. I have no purpose without other people, yet I can’t hold a decent conversation with more than one person at a time. Strange, I think. It’s strange.
But I’m deviating from the moment’s given topic, so we’ll go back to what I started with: what I’ve learned from other people.
Mostly, my friends shaped me more than my parents did, in terms of associating with people. I was kind of a recluse in grade school, but thankfully semi-grew out of it. So-
Lillian taught me about personal space, anger, and sarcasm. She is still teaching me about all three.
Genna taught me that sometimes people do not want to be comforted, how to catch hermit crabs, and how to deal with life’s unjust punches.
Jamesey taught me tolerance and competitiveness, mostly through tests. He also taught me that gay friends are freaking awesome, and you should have one.
Kyle taught me not to worry about it.
Wil taught me introductory music taste and how to gracefully recover from a blind ‘obsession’ and how to flail.
Caroline taught me the “bitch sting” and how to effortlessly effervesce.
Jacob (perhaps inadvertently) taught me apathy, glorious apathy..

More to follow.


One Response to “reversed memories”

  1. Kathy Lynn 03/16/2010 at 1:55 pm #

    lmaoooooooo “dont worry about it”


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