you’re tired, my love

10 Mar

What is this? A White Rabbits title? Oh heaven forbid!

Fff, I kid.

So! Today was pretty bearable for a Day 5, it feels like Thursday for some perverse reason, and I cannot, CANNOT wait for this week to be over because it has been bloody HELL.


The end of the quarter.

So basically, my life after this week will be spent doing some journalism things (Mini Gusto) and then GOING TO DISNEY WORLD, WOOHOOHOO and probably spamming my iPod for hours at a time as I have my new headphones and will kill my ears with them.
BUT I DON’T CARE. Not a whit, as I freaking deserve this ear-killing-ness.

Also, counting down the days until Paris. Roughly four-ish months! WOO


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