6 Mar

Listening to Sigur Rós in bed, there is nothing more lovely in this world (unless I had a bowl of soup). Not even feeling angsty about anything.
Maybe when something that actually makes me angry or sad or whatever happens I’ll be able to write a decent blog post.
But until that-
Have any of you seen the Tarantino movie Four Rooms? It is very weird. I was watching it with my mum and sister and only got to about ten minutes in before my sister asked if we could watch Batman instead.
The premise of the whole thing is based around a doorman in this fancy hotel. Sounds mundane, until you get to the part when Madonna is pouring virgin’s blood into this big cauldron thing whilst incanting. And as she’s doing this, five other ladies are dancing around, two of which are topless.
You’ve got me, Tarantino. What the hell was that?

Will write more later. Might watch the rest of that movie.


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