born on a day the sun didn’t rise

4 Mar

Title is from the eponymous Black Moth Super Rainbow song, it is lovely and smoothly electronica, much like basically everything else they’ve done. I love their music, it is psychadelic but soes not force itself on you.
So! Today was alright, besides the terrifying Chem test that turned out not to be quite as terrifying as most of us expected. Thanks, Mr. Summerhayes. That was kind of you.
Also brought out my headphones, they were met by much oohing and aahing, mainly culminating in asking me “Aren’t they the same kind as Jake’s?” (they are, just bright purple). Billy wanted to buy them from me. Um, no.

Apart from all that, though, I’m feeling a little disjointed about that reoccuring issue. Um, I don’t have anyone to angst about anymore. It is a weird, weird feeling. I kind of want something embarrassing to happen to me so I can have more material to write about. Unfortunately, I am outside any drama that is currently happening, and kind of enjoying my apathetic jellyfish-like state.
It is not nearly as bad as I thought, this lack of love business.

Trying to get my thing to show how much I really do listen to Sigur Ros and White Denim, unfortunately they have no way of tracking how many plays you’ve logged on a CD (hundreds for Takk…, at least 50 for Exposition/Fits) and so I must use my iPod far more often than usual to listen to things. (Well, I don’t really have to, but why not?)

Had a dream last night, I will type it up as soon as my little sister gets off the large computer.

Also: Hello, all you who’ve come here from Facebook. Thanks for clicking.

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