mirror in the bathroom

3 Mar

Currently on an English Beat music kick, unfortunately I only have five of their songs so they get a little old kind of quickly. Going to buy one of their albums soon, along with Transference and that White Rabbits album and Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In An Aeroplane Over the Sea”. Looking forward to having spending money, rather than saving everything for France!


Today I started another print, my first etching. It’s going to be a drypoint of a squid (I have a lifelong relationship with cephalopods), and so far it looks pretty okay, if I do say so myself. Huh-huh! It’ll turn out pretty good, I hope. After this, probably going to do a cyanograph or one of those light-activated plates of something else (I have no ideas) and then maybe a pastel or shiva piece to round out the year. Two paintings! I am proud of myself, that is better than none. Next year I might branch from acrylic to oil. Maybe…I am not a landscape artist, I cannot do them well. Maybe I’ll do some Turneresque clouds to please my art teacher and get away with it.

Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m used to starting a post as soon as I get home, so I can vent all my frustrations as soon as possible before I get to work, but today there wasn’t much frustration to vent. I’m pretty neutral about the stuff that’s been bugging me at the moment. It’s not even a forced apathetic neutrality, it’s actually legitimate. Kind of a nice feeling, really. You ought to try it, you know. It’s a departure from the norm.

Huge Chem test tomorrow, sudden feelings of dread overtaking me atm. I want to explode from this stupid thermodynamics stuff. I kind of understand it, but the rational side of my mind is going “he is going to put ridiculousness on that test” and the other side starts whimpering plaintively.

Thus, the English Beat-spamming. Proto-ska is pretty cheerful, you’ve gotta admit.


(will write more after my brain regenerates)


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