what melody can lead

2 Mar

my lover from his bed/what melody can see him in my arms again

Currently writing this during advisory, I am so tired I kind of want to explode. My headphones haven’t arrived yet. SO FRUSTRATING WHY

Though everything is pretty great, all else aside. I’m kind of thankful for spring break, as I don’t think I can deal with everyone anymore for a while. I think I need to have a weekend of purely listening to Sufjan and Wilco and that Teitur album that Wil burned for me but I never really liked. I actually need to give that a re-listen.

The only reason I’m really angsting about anything is just lack of a significant other, which is a pretty small complaint if you put it in perspective. I’m cool with being single, I’m just not very good at keeping said cool for very long. Maybe over Spring Break I can get all the angst out of my system and just live for a little while without thinking about others’ reactions.


It’s tough to have a soap-opera love life (or lack of one thereof). Take my word for it.

Well, on the music front, I’ve been listening quite often to the free mix that Urban Outfitters lets you download when you make a purchase. They’ve been doing it for a while- it’s 25 songs that are usually pretty okay.

I listened to it through once, but two songs stood out for me: Souls of Gold, by Sister Crayon; and Sunlight, by Tune-Yards. (No, I am not going to use that crazy capitalization.) Both very, very good, both sung by female vocalists (Sunlight was surprisingly masculine-sounding, I had to go on Wikipedia to be sure), b0th with bits of electronica influences. Souls of Gold has this fabulous trumpet blast suddenly appear about fifteen seconds in, and it is lovely and melodic. Sunlight starts with a nice drumbeat that continues for a good thirty seconds then segues into a deep mysterious bassline with the treble singer overhead. Both very much recommended.

I am still thinking in loops of thought today. It sucks! It sucks very much. I would like to maybe think properly, but unfortunately that is pretty much impossible given how much sleep I’d gotten Sunday night. Shiiiitt sleep deprivation sucks. I usually sleep a lot (a LOT) and so it’s even more apparent when I’ve only gotten a few hours of blissful dreams.

Twenty minutes left in advisory. What can I do to waste that much time? I think I’m going t’play some Flash games, or something…

Will write more when I get home.

(ALSO! Going to change some small details in some previous posts.)


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