i won’t leave a smidgen behind

1 Mar

Home at last!
Oh, it feels positively wonderful to be back, lyin’ on my bed. Aaahhh, we had a good time (as you can tell by the previous post, which was written whilst playing Blackjack), and I’m pretty satisfied game-wise. We did very well.

I’m pretty sure that the reader base I’ve acquired is foaming at the mouth to read the passworded post, so I’ll just say this:
I do not password things to make you all wonder what I could be writing about. I password things because sometimes, I need to get things off my chest that I’m not proud of, and I prefer to write them down rather than spew them out at some poor hapeless small child.
I feel lost at sea.
I probably do not want to go to school tomorrow, ‘specially because I have Snack Shack (which makes me want to curl up and die).


I need to stop angsting about all these little petty things.

Will write more later.


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