drippy eye

26 Feb

so basically, it’s all working out for the better.

I came to terms with a lot of stuff this week, even though seven days isn’t usually nearly enough time to actually wrap your brain around difficult concepts. Well, for one thing, the decision has been made for me: neither Hove nor Taschen will be interested (well, one of them not for a while, and one of them not at all) in me, which actually is more deal-able than I previously thought. I suppose it’s given me a starting point to jump ahead from. Headlong? Feetfirst? Who knows?

But it’ll happen when it happens.

In any case, (well, aside from the romanticness front) everything is proceeding according to keikaku (keikaku means plan), I am trying to find gigs going on in Paris in June but no one has booked that far in advance. Curses! I will have to wait ’till later.

Not much else to write about, besides jumping around on the inside waiting to skedaddle to St. Thomas on Sunday. EXCITEMENT! SO EXCITED!

‘Kay sleeping now. See y’all later.


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