20 Feb

Have you seen this?


It is Sigur Ros, it is an award-winning music video, it makes me alternately so joyful and so very sad. I guess it’s an opener for my topic of the moment-

I am, as far as I know, straight. I’ve never really done anything romantic (with either sex), but all the people I’ve fallen in love with have been of the male persuasion.
But I know quite a few people who are either bi or gay or whatever you’d like to call it, homosexual, whatever. And I do not mind whatsoever. All I really have to even say on the whole issue is people should be able to love who they want, no stigmas or taboos attached. I think that’s kinda an automatic right, honestly. If we don’t have freedom to love, then what do we have?

The video- the one I linked to- hits me hard. The father’s reaction, especially. I find it sickening that someone could be that damn insensitive- even to his own son- and break something so delicate- It is cruel.

Also something to think about- the lead singer, Jonsi, is out of the closet and happily in a relationship with an Alex. They made an album together, it is just as angelic as most of Sigur Ros’s stuff, and they also have been making little dinky videos detailing how to make some nice raw-food recipes. They are sickeningly cute.

Also: should I maybe make a video of something?

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