you ‘n your cousins

15 Feb

still listening to Contra for some reason, I took it out of my CD player but Diplomat’s Son is still running laps around my head.

Well! I went to the Ag Fair today, met up with Jamesey about five minutes before I had to leave, met up with Rayquan earlier but he was with his parents so it was pretty hella awkward. (I will never use the word “hella” again.) I ate two pates, which is two more than I should have eaten, and was put out of commission for a good hour after we got home. No freco. I was very, very disappointed. I would have gotten the almond flavour. I love anything having to do with almonds, especially marzipan oh god marzipan I could eat it everysingledayurrradklfasdfah

sudden  marzipan craving will have to wait, I have to make salad and eat because today is


and she is turning 14. I thought I was really awesome at 14. I wasn’t, but that’s besides the point, as she has learned from my middle-school phases and has thankfully avoided them. (At least I think she has.)

Not too much else to write about at the moment, so I’ll bid y’alls adieu for the time being.


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