hands away

12 Feb

My mother is looking through my Taschen Paris book and squeeing loudly every time she finds a shop/restaurant near where they will be staying. While I’m doing the Oxbridge programme, they’re going to stay in the city for a week before going home. Gods hope I don’t run into them along the way.
It’s nice, though, to reminisce about all those places I’ve been to and to write down places I need to go. This will be an amazing experience.

Paris aside, today was pretty great for a pre-Valentine’s Day. I got some flowers from my dearies Lil and Genna, small 8th graders recited romantic Shakespeare, Hanifah and Coral sang “Bleeding Love” beautifully about six million times (oy vey). We also did nothing in class for the entire day! Woo.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Ag Fair to eat my various Crucian delights. Mm. Okra.

Also been listening nigh-obsessively to Sirius radio, specifically the indie station. In the last hour, they’ve played:
A very good Animal Collective cover,
The Heimlich Manuever, by Interpol,
The Plot, by White Rabbits,
and a ton of bands I’d never heard of before and sound like 80s music expies. There was a song that sounded like it’d been done by the Talking Heads. I did not understand.
Oh, in case you’re wondering, the “My Girls” cover is called “My Boys” and is by Taken By Trees. It is acoustic but somehow gets the same vibe across as the original.

Mmmmh. Not much else to write about at the moment, despite kind of having a mind-race on a few issues. (if that didn’t make sense to you, that is perfectly alright.)
Will write more laterrrrr!


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