comissioning a symphony in c

11 Feb

Been listening to Cake (evidently, from the title), but actually kind of craving Interpol.

This morning, I put on my headphones, plugged them into my iPod, and pressed Play…
and heard nothing.
So I frantically messed with the wire, and after a while made a very sobering discovery:
my headphones only work in one channel at a time.


I’m going to look up some nice sturdy ones on eBay in a little while, but for now I’m just gonna use my absolutely ancient earbuds from seventh grade that are for some reason encased in wrappings of crappy copper wire. They work, though, and I’ll just listen to CDs when I get home. Sweet.

Aside from audio-emergencies, I’ve been consulting quite a bit recently and have compiled a list of bands I’m gonna try to listen to (most of which I haven’t actually heard yet). I’m gonna be focusing pretty hard on that, as well- and I’m also going to try to learn a bunch of songs so I can maybe play for a small restaurant or special event or something, if I can manage. Else I’ll just beg Will/Josh to allow me to write a few songs for Vladmir & Sebastian. I’ve already asked if they’d like me to maybe play bass for them, but Will plays bass about three hundred times better than I do so that’s probably a no. Haha.

Well, as far as school’s goin’, everything’s just jim-dandy at the moment. Kind of looking forward to Ag Fair this weekend, I will eat johnny cakes and drink nothing but FRECOS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS FRECOS

the thing about frecos, though, is I always forget I don’t really like the lime flavour until after I order it, so I have to go around with this nasty-ass flourescent green cup for a while until the syrup is diluted enough that I can choke it down. I have a strategy this year: I am getting the orange flavor. Because you can’t go wrong with orange.

I am actually pretty thrilled about this weekend, really.



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