i wanna be your only friend

9 Feb

I am utterly relaxed at the moment. Nothing short of a very short angry person could bug me at the moment (short people intimidate me), I am content and kind of formulating poem ideas in my head. I don’t feel like writing poetry, though, so instead I’m just lying here reading Cracked.com articles and watching the battery on my iPod slowly dwindle.
Well: Things are pretty great, at least on the emotional front. I have moved on from Wil and Lillian (though they are just sickeningly adorable together- it makes me have to restrain the urge to encase them both in a MONDO-HUG), which is quite a relief. I’m still on the fence w/ Taschen and Hove (probably will need new codenames soon, or I’m gonna stop writing about them), but that is unimportant because hey, I like being single. Well, until I go to a party or something and see everyone having fun and I enter an existential crisis and it all goes to hell in a handbasket.
I’m a party pooper!

Occasionally, though, I get these little flashes of perspective- “you are not really that bad off, you just have a limited pool” or (in my mother’s voice) “there’s no rush, it’ll only be better if you wait” and it kind of makes me feel a little better.
I’m coming off as needy, I know. But I know- I know I’ll find someone; there’s no rush. I’ll wait.

Title, btw, is from Of Montreal’s Gallery Piece, which is catchy and filthy and makes me dance.

Goodnight- hope your dreams are full of manatees frolicing peacefully.

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