i am the alphabet

4 Feb

Oh, it was an incredibly wondrous day today; I suffered through the Chem test and College Prep, but then oh, the marvels of life began. It was awesome, this day.
I skipped Art class to do my French homework, and I think I may do that more often now that I know who is in that Yearbook class. Huzzah!
Plus, tomorrow is both a) Day 2; and b) Jump-Up, where I will careen about Christiansted eating gummy bears and talking to various people. Clayton, you should be ready for a huge warm hug (because that’s what you’re going to get). Hopefully I can convince Ryan that he must have fun tomorrow night- I may be successful in that endeavour, perhaps.
Also: been looking through my older notebooks, I write a lot of quasi-romantic poetry. It’d be almost cheesy if it didn’t have such strange similies- “the moon shone as the scales of a fish” or “we will reel beneath our skins”. Okay, second one wasn’t a similie, but gimme a break.

I might be starting tutoring in the next few weeks! Apparently there is a kid in the Lower School who needs a boost in English and stuff, so I’m gonna be a good member of society and help them out. In return, I’ll get community service hours (which I need) and satisfaction.



Fff, sorry.
Will write more later tonight, once I’m done the iceberg of homework sitting beside me. Oh lordy lordy.


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